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The world is full of interesting people, places, food and drink. You love all that! So this is the place for a longer conversation. We all relish awesome food and care about business folk.

So yeah - we will be talking to Wine-Makers, Chefs, Musicians, Artists and Entrepreneurs.

Front St. Brasserie

Well yes, the French have style. This is why we choose our first Style Makers profile, with Front St. Brasserie in Penticton. Sitting down with Lisa to talk about life, in the restaurant with her husband, Chef John Burke.

It’s girly girl elegant. Love is in the details – right? Have to say – one should never be intimidated by French cuisine especially, as a brasserie is dining in a relaxed setting. Brasserie is French for “brewery”.

Mr. Burke is admired in Vancouver for his work at The Wedgewood, Cru and Pastis. Pretty decent that I no longer have to drive over the mountains for a taste of France.

Do call in advance to dine – as the inside holds only 14. But, when the weather gets up to 18 Celsius or 64 Fahrenheit, the patio allows for another 18. See interview below.

Sue: What is your favorite place Lisa?

Lisa: I love Paris in the spring time.

Hmm, I say the same thing about Vancouver.  In fact, I say if you cannot be in Paris in the spring time…Vancouver will do nicely.

If you could invite one person to supper?

Mozart, as he would be entertaining, wild and fun.

If money and supply were no issue – what would you serve the Master?

Foie Gras, Steak Tartare and traditional Lobster Thermidor.

Well I think Mozart would like that. He just missed the Thermidor recipe by about 100 years. I can picture him eating it. Dressed in his turquoise suite. And for dessert?

Mayan Pot De Crème. It has cayenne pepper. And, would go well with his rich spicy personality.

And his hair.

Let me ask you – what was your favorite food as a kid?


You’re joking right? How would that come about?

I was 6 years old and dining with my parents in a fancy restaurant. I saw a plate go by with little shells. My parents thought it would be hilarious. So they let me order.

OK so Mozart was traveling Europe and playing for the Empress of Austria, at the age of 6. You were devouring escargot. What was I doing?

I don’t know. What were you doing?

Probably just raiding gardens with my brothers. Eating fresh carrots with lots of dirt. So still exotic, a little different though, than you and Mozart.

What living person do you admire?

Jamie Oliver. He is an amazing Chef. He is all about healthy sustainable food. He is into feeding people who normally eat junk food.

Yeah, he seems like a good guy.

So I see on this spectacular chalk board that you offer many BC wines by the glass. Hooray! I am impressed. Really. This is the kind of thing I want to see in our wine country.

Now, tell me – what winery do you like for its architecture?

Painted Rock.


Really wanted to have the Duck Confit today. But sorry, no time. Can you please put me down for the family dinner in June?

Sure thing.

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