Ooh La La – I love British Columbia wine!

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thumbnail_pa110384 “Soooooo, purchasing wine should be as easy buying bread? Yeah right. I once had a boyfriend who bought me $80 dollars’ worth of bread. Weird. We broke up. Forget about that.”


My name is Susan McCarthy aka The Sipping Chef. Like you, I’m a passionate wine drinker. I’m also passionate about good food and fine art. Other things too but we won’t go there right now.

The drama of being a radio and television journalist propelled me into my first passion, buying and drinking wine. I followed my second passion into professional culinary training. Cooking school was like being in the army – lots of yelling, crying, bonding, and of course, more wine. (Fellow grads from Dubrulle International Hotel & Culinary Institute, contact me if you ever had one of your little whitey towels catch fire.)

Then there’s the third passion — art. I’ve discovered astounding artistic talent during my wine-sipping travels in Mexico and points south. You’ll find some of this talent represented here on the website, more as the website grows.

Wine, art, food, and fun. This is me in a nutshell, folks. Serious learning without too much seriousness. I’ll be blogging fun tips, tricks, hacks, and highlights to help expand your wine tasting and art-loving horizons. Sometimes I’ll throw in culinary advice and suggestions to round out the mix. It’s all about the pleasure of learning. Fun wine. Good times.
Join me, won’t you?

Susan McCarthy, The Sipping Chef